Center For Inquiry

Write and/or send a book to a secular inmate who is currently in jail or prison.

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Secular Sobriety

NA, AA and other twelve step based rehabilitation programs fail most users who attend them. Freethinkers with drug or alcohol addiction issues need secular based treatment rooted in science and reason.

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Secular Therapists

There are many therapists treating people today who identify as secular. If finding a secular therapist is important to you, there are many options available to you.

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Saved by Reason's Mission:

To get critical thinking federally implemented as central criteria in the educational training of inmates in correctional facilities across America. Studies show that being taught critical thinking in a class can reduce an individuals criminality, and ultimately reduces recidivism. Which is currently at 76.6% nationally. We believe these studies prove that teaching inmates critical thinking is equipping them with the best tools available for stopping their criminal behavior.