Saved by Reason's Mission:

The Saved by Reason organization currently has volunteer secular humanist chaplains that go into correctional facilities across the country and teach inmates critical thinking skills. Our mission is to implement classes with curriculum rooted in Socratic pedagogy, (the Socratic method) on a federal level, so that inmates will have an opportunity to acquire skills that will help them reflect on their beliefs rationally. Equipping them with critical thinking skills that will trigger more logical cognitive development, ultimately decreasing their criminal behavior, which in turn reduces the nation's outrageous 77.6% recidivism rate.


Secular Resources

Center for Inquiry

Write an inmate in prison or send a secular book through CFI's outreach program.

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Secular Therapy Project

Get connected with a therapist that identifies as secular, non-religious, atheist, agnostic or freethinker through the secular therapy project.

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Rational and Secular Recovery

There are other recovery programs other than faith based, twelve-step programs. This site will help you find a secular based recovery program in your area.

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