Our Story

Our president and founder Joshua Turner was raised in a far right conservative Christian household. He rebelled against his abusive parents getting into hard drugs and committing violent crimes to support his habits. While serving a five year prison sentence he found solidarity in the skinheads, and joined a gang called Aryan Front. Their far right ideology was very similar to what he was exposed to growing up. But addiction took its toll, and Joshua came across a book by Richard Dawkins called "The God Delusion." It showed him a way to reach the truth on his own through reason and science. After applying these newfound principles, Joshua was able to get clean and he left the white nationalist movement eight years ago. He founded Saved by Reason in 2015 to teach inmates in jails and prisons across the country the same tools that helped him turn his life around for the better.

Our Approach

Saved by Reason has volunteer secular humanist chaplains that are able to enter the jail under the protection of a recent Bureau of Prisons ruling that recognizes Secular Humanism as a religion. Inside the facilities they are able to counsel inmates one-on-one, as well as teach classes about the Socratic Method in groups.

Meet the Team


Joshua Turner

Founder & CEO


Cheri Comfort

Vice President


Peter Boghossian

SeniorĀ Adviser